Buy 1965 Corvette Frame with 502 Crate Motor

1965 Corvette Frame with 502 Crate Motor - On Ebay

This is why I absolutely love eBay, you just never know what type of incredible deal you might find on the auction site. There's all types of unfinished builds on there that will blow your mind, like this incredible find with a monster 502 GM crate motor sitting on a 1965 Corvette Frame. This is the perfect setup to build a full blown race car! For only $15,900, I'd say you found one hell of a deal!

Looks like there's absolutely no rust on the frame, the owner is from Sarasota, Florida. If it's been your dream to build one of those beautiful Stingrays, this might be right up your alley. Wouldn't it be nice to own a dream machine, with this frame and engine you could build one hell of a vintage Corvette. Your win, their loss!